Mole Valley Ramblers

friendly walking in the heart of Surrey

Map of our walks

The map below shows the start location for each of the walks in our programme, these being denoted by a green walker icon. This enables you to see whether any walks are planned in an area that is of particular interest to you.  

Any green circles will include a number indicating how many walks are planned in close proximity to it.  Clicking on the circle will zoom in to reveal the start locations for each of those walks.  Clicking on a walker icon brings up the date of the walk and its description; clicking the latter takes you to the Ramblers website for full details of the planned walk.  

You can use "drag and drop" to move the map around and zoom in/out using the +/- buttons in the top left corner of the map. You can also switch views by clicking on the icon under the Search box (top right) and selecting your preferred view, e.g. satellite.

Zoom in to see where our walks are going to be. Click on a walk to see details.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018